2.2.6-2 Safety Incident 1-Role Play

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Unsafe structures and practices impact the productivity and efficiency of laboratories. Through role-plays, participants learn to assess, document, correct, and follow-up safety incidents.


  • Safety incidents cost the laboratory in terms of employee injury/illness, loss of money, and loss in productivity. Our first goal is to prevent any safety incidents. However, when safety incidents do occur, we must assess the risk, seek a solution, and follow-up appropriately.
  • Assessing and documenting safety incidents, and implementing appropriate corrective actions are important responsibilities of laboratory management.
  • Corrective actions are dictated by the nature of the incident.  Corrective actions may be simple or complex.  The actions required may be in the form of providing instructions or may require a system change.


Can you:

  • Assess a safety incident?
  • Complete an occurrence report form, focusing on accurate assessment, immediate action/s, and a proposed corrective action/s?
  • Follow-up and assess the effectiveness of the corrective action?


Beatrice van der Puije

Ms. van der Puije helped redesign the classroom-based SLMTA 3 curriculum for on-line delivery and will serve as an instructor and facilitator of the e-learning course. Based in Ghana, Ms. van der Puije is a Public Health Program Manager at African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM), a pan-African organisation strengthening medical laboratory networks and systems in Africa. Ms. van der Puije is a certified QMS Trainer, with a Master of Science Degree in Medical Immunology and Microbiology. She is a SLMTA master trainer and has trained numerous laboratorians in the past decade.

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