SLMTA 3: Illuminating the Path to ISO15189 Accreditation (2020 version)

The original SLMTA curriculum (SLMTA 1) helped many laboratories achieve 2-3 SLIPTA stars, while SLMTA 2 was designed to propel them to 4-5 stars with focus on four persistently challenging Quality Systems Essentials (QSE). We are now merging and enhancing these two programs into a new curriculum aimed at teaching a process-based approach to designing a cost-effective Quality Management System (QMS) that meets ISO15189 requirements.

What's new?

The goal is no longer acquiring SLIPTA stars, but to earn and sustain ISO accreditation.

Participants will learn to:

  • Translate ISO15189 clauses into daily laboratory practice.
  • Recognize QMS as a whole and its interconnected processes.
  • Design and implement those processes for a cost-effective QMS that fulfills ISO15189 requirements.
  • Establish a practical QMS that enables laboratories to reach and sustain accreditation status.

Target Audience

Those who have successfully completed a SLMTA TOT and have been conducting SLMTA trainings in country.

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