LIS for Covid-19

What is VLSM?

VLSM is an open-source LIS used by testing labs to optimize lab workflow. VLSM helps to manage test requests and to return test results. Apart from the core functionality of Sample Management, VLSM provides various reports that help to determine the performance of labs. VLSM is capable of handling Viral Load, Early Infant Diagnosis and Covid-19 samples.

VLSM also has additional tools to enhance lab Sample Management Process :

  • Instrument Interfacing
    Automatically pull results from testing machines once the test is performed. Interfacing speeds up the result return process by automating the process.
  • Remote Test Ordering System
    Allow collection sites to remotely log sample information, thus reducing workload for labs. This also allows instant result downloads.

Why use VLSM ?

  • Free and Open Source software
  • Simple User Interface - easier to train users
  • Streamline lab workflow - eliminate/reduce paperwork
  • Reduce human errors
  • Improve overall TAT - return results quicker
  • Maintain Historical Patient Data
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports
  • Additional tools available to enhance lab workflow


Login credentials for Lab Sample Management
  • Login ID : admin
  • Password : 12345

Login credentials for Sample Tracking System
  • Login ID : clinic
  • Password : 12345

Following are demo installations of both Lab LIS and Sample Tracking System

Demo - Lab Sample Management System
Demo - Sample Tracking System