Lessons Learned from SLMTA Accredited Labs

Bomu Hospital Laboratory, Kenya

Left: Mr John Kamau, the Ag CEO of KENAS ; Right: Dr Aabid Ahmed, CEO, Bomu Hospital

  1. What was the hardest thing to do in order to get accredited?

    Training all staff on understanding and implementation of ISO 15189:2012

  2. What was the easiest?
    • QMS documentation as per 15189:2012
    • Staff teamwork towards implementation of developed QMS as per 15189:2012

  3. What was the most important contributing factor to getting accredited?
    • Top management support
    • Development and implementation of policies, procedures and forms as per 15189:2012
    • Staff team work on implementation of QMS

  4. What steps did you take?
    • Regularly audited the QMS for compliance
    • Conducted and monitored corrective action and preventive action for identified non-conformities

  5. What were the biggest mistakes you made?

    Initially putting more emphasis on SLIPTA than ISO 15189

  6. What is the best advice you can give to others?

    Ensure that all policies and procedures fulfill the requirements of ISO 15189 and show evidence of implementation