SLMTA Symposium 2021


Session Speakers Downloads
Section 1 - Opening
1.1 Welcome message from ASLM CEO Nqobile Ndlovu Download Video
1.2 Reflections – SLMTA accomplishments in the past decade Dr. Katy Yao Download Video
1.3 Keynote - SLMTA’s contributions to the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr. Talkmore Maruta Download Video
Dr. Raiva Simbi & Dr. Joana de Morais Download Video
Download Video 1
Download Video 2
Section 2 - Designing and facilitating an effective e-Learning course to achieve immediate impact
2.1 On-line training challenges and SLMTA 3 design solutions Dr. Katy Yao Download Video
Dr. Katy Yao Download Video
2.2 Panel Discussion by Beatrice van der Puije
Elde Paladar, Janet Scholtz, Kennedy Matovu Download Video
Alice Akoth June, Kingston Omo-Emmanuel, Manasa Lesuma Mainaqelelevu Download Video
Download Video
Section 3 – Pandemic Pivots for a Laboratory-Clinic Interface Learning Collaborative (LARC): Challenges and Accomplishments
3.1 Overview of the LARC Initiative and panel discussion Dr. Barbara McKinney, Norah Vere, Fortunate Maketo, Japhet Mabuku, Jacqueline Samushonga, Patience Musasa Download Video
3.3 Q&A Session Download Video
Section 4 – Looking into the future
Lessons Learned and Implications for Post-Pandemic Era, with recording from Dr. John Nkengasong (Director, Africa CDC) Dr. Luciana Kohatsu Download Video
Section 5 – Closing
5.1 Summary of key take-home messages Davis Ashaba Download Video
5.2 Fijian SLMTA song
Representing the SLMTA activities in the USAPI [United States Affiliated Pacific Islands] through PIHOA [Pacific Islands Health Officers Association]
Lyric by Vasiti Uluiviti; Performed by Manasa & Akosita Mainaqelelevu
Download Video
Download Lyric with translation

John Nkengasong's special message Download Video
Testimonies from Uganda – Part 1 Download Video
Testimonies from Uganda – Part 2 Download Video