Sanderson, Malawi

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

In the case of my Laboratory, we have two quantitative chemistry and hematology analyzers that are enrolled on EQA but are not verified. These analyzers are not verified, not because we are happy about it but due to knowledge gap on how to go about it. Additionally, the QC program on these methods is not robust. As long as the data points are within 2 SD they are considered acceptable. The QC rules are selected arbitrary and not based on Statistical evidence. Being a central hospital laboratory with an average of 300 examination requests for hematology and chemistry each a day, I can't imagine the magnitude of errors that go undetected in our results. Now that this course has opened my eyes, the question I ask myself is, how many patients have we harmed due to the erroneous results produced in the lab?
The answer to the above question is my driving force to make things right and now. Now that I know how to do the right things, I consider myself a QCMV brand ambassador by not only teaching and mentoring colleagues but most importantly, walking the talk. This will tremendously improve the quality of the laboratory's results which will translate into quality patients' care. There will be no better testimony than the number of patients receiving high quality laboratory results as a result of skills and technical know-how gained from the QCMV Course.

Mbongko, Cameroon

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

I will strongly recommend this course to my colleagues because it addresses the ISO requirement for quality control completely, providing a step wise approach to strengthening our analytical systems. It is also very practical, and the facilitators are very knowledgeable and available to meet individual needs at anytime. the interactive nature of the course distinguishes it from other e-learning programs by giving you the opportunity to ask questions directly to the facilitators and be clarified. it also offers the opportunity to interact directly with participants from other labs around the world for experience sharing. If this course is completely applied, the frontline worker will be confident in the results produced and the laboratory will be contributing to proper diagnosis and treatment of patients.
I really appreciate this course.

Iryna, Ukraine

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

I recommend taking this course to all laboratory professionals because it:
- Goes along with a ‘simple words about the complex’ approach
- Includes exclusively important and essential information for routine work
- Is based on a thoroughly planned and thought program which is a great theory-practice combination
- Rewards you with fantastic atmosphere that contributes to professional growth

Mbalenhle, South Africa

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

I found and experienced the QCMV course transformative! It hectic but extremely necessary. It is a world where your skills meet purpose. You find new colleagues, who share the same goals as you, you learn from the world on how to implement QC in your laboratories. With engaging lectures and practical exercises, it's a journey of growth and empowerment. Join me in unlocking our potential as scientists and making a difference.

Janett, Peru

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

I would recommend this course because it provides the laboratory with many statistical tools aligned to ensure the validity of examination results, as specified in the ISO 15189:2022 standard. I found this course very interesting, as it involves continuous learning and practicing exercises on worksheets, job aids, and handouts, aimed at understanding the objectives of the activities, restating the main ideas, and implementing them in the laboratory routine.

Papa, Senegal

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

The QCMV course is an extraordinary and useful one. In the laboratory, we used to carry out quality controls (internal and external) but we didn't have a lot of knowledge and mastery of certain performance criteria of a test or method. We also maked a limited interpretation of our QC results, method comparison, linearity, accuracy, and precision. Now because of this course, facilitated by highly competent experts, we know even more about how to ensure and improve the quality of our laboratory analysis results. We really thank to the organizers of this course and to all the facilitators.

Baarinisa, Kyrgyz Republic

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

Definitely, I would recommend QCMV course to my colleagues. Firstly, QCMV course provided me with a lot of important information about statistical quality control in the laboratory, validation/verification, PT, in addition, it also provided practical tools and strategies for improving processes in the laboratory, which I can and will directly apply in our laboratory to increase our measurements and research results reliability. QCMV course really helped me to improve my skills, I personally received a lot of information, so I will confidently recommend it to my colleagues, share and show in practice everything that I received in this course, how to correctly apply tools and rules, interpret the results obtained both inside the laboratory and results external quality assessment programs etc.

Barbara Lola Pocongo, Angola

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I would definitely recommend this course to all medical laboratory scientist. It's a great opportunity to learn in a simple and clear way lab issues that are usually a headache to solve. I learned a lot and I would like many more technicians in my country to have this opportunity.

The online version of the course was a brilliant idea, that in my opinion allowed training a large number of technicians with few resources, which would not be possible if it were the face-to-face version. If we want to lead more laboratories to accreditation, then this kind of initiatives must not stop.

Congratulations to the trainers for transmitting knowledge in an easy and understandable way. Muito obrigada! - Thank you so much.

Nakeli Nicoline Batumani, Cameroon

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I will recommend this course to my colleagues in the laboratory, clinicians alike, and even suppliers of laboratory commodities. If Laboratory quality is understood by all the laboratory stakeholders, they will all commit to QUALITY and make Laboratory Quality a Strategic Goal!!!!

It is amazing that I could acquire such knowledge, skills and have so much fun all in the comfort of my room. The structure of the course is so flexible that it permitted me to attend to my normal routines while still learning. With this, even the most busy and engaged person would have time to attend the course. The course content and method of approach is so enriching. I got to learn how every laboratory process can be undertaken in a process-based approached to achieve amazing quality improvement results. There are some concepts in the ISO 15189:2012 that I only fully understood them after taking this course.

Although an e-learning course, it in no way downplayed the SLMTA learning culture – lectures, homework, homework debriefs, breaking into rooms for group work during sessions, interaction with other participants, earning of SLMTA dollars and swelling of SLMTA bank accounts, the games and all the fun associated with it, and what have you? The virtual environment was able to simulate a typical SLMTA classroom and nothing was missed as far as the SLMTA style of learning is concerned. The recorded lectures and the recording of the live sessions are such valuable resources that one can always refer to at any time.

The SLMTA 3 e-Learning Course – invaluable knowledge at no cost!!! This course, just like its title, will illuminate your path towards understanding an ISO 15189 based QMS and its implementation through its prominent “Process-Based Model of QMS”; making the standard more approachable. I have started an online course with my students, a class size of 24, where I am already implementing the knowledge I have acquired from this course, and trust me, it is exciting!!!

A big “THANK YOU” to all the brains behind the realisation of this course.

Yvette Paulette Irving, Guyana

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

The SLMTA e-Learning Course has been a very concise and informative program. It was indeed a great experience and opportunity to be in Guyana and to benefit from this training program. The facilitators are extensively knowledgeable and patient in their support for participant success.

This program has helped me to improve my understanding, application and implementation of the ISO 15189:2012, as well as the continuous improvement of a Laboratory Quality Management System, in support of the accreditation process.

I would certainly recommend this course to laboratory personnel working towards ISO 15189 accreditation. Kudos to the organisers and facilitators and thanks on behalf of all participants.

Janet Claudia Neil, Jamaica

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I would recommend this course to lab professionals seeking to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) in their lab. If ISO 15189 accreditation sounds like a foreign language, you need SLMTA 3 e-Learning course to translate. If you feel overwhelmed with QMS implementation, you need SLMTA 3 e-Learning course to take you process by process; clause by clause with resources galore!
The facilitators are knowledgeable, keen, patient yet probing with a healthy respect for time. This virtual class will keep you busy, discussing, raising virtual hands or chatting with your fingers in the early morning, afternoon or in the evening. The course is fun, interactive but definitely not a walkover.
The risk is very high however, that you will succeed as it’s just the culture of this class to produce winners. Thanks to Dr. Katy and the wonderful facilitators for making this experience so memorable and fulfilling

Yan Shao, China

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I really appreciate the opportunity to attend the SLMTA e-learning course. Under the background of COVID-19, conventional training becomes impossible, but we are lucky, we still have the e-learning approach to access the ISO 15189.

More flexible learning schedule, professional facilitators and wonderful classmates gave me so much help and courage during the whole course. As a freshman to QMS, I followed the course step by step to explore the nature of quality of lab and made progress as expect. Furthermore, SLMTA e-learning course also brought us so many efficient and practical tools to solve problems specially. The idea most impressed me that was no standard answer to each question, we should utilize what we learned from the course and analyze collected data to make own decision. And PDCA is not only a useful tool for lab management, but also could be a valuable way to improve our lives.

I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues, especially to those who are trying to pursue ISO 15189 accreditation. I believe the course would provide strong support to lead lab towards the target.

Last but not the least, thanks so much to all facilitators, your professional knowledge, patience and humorous communication benefitted me a lot. I learned from the fellow participants also, the working experience they shared broadened my mind and thanks on behalf of all participants.

Dargaze Kibru Tiga, Ethiopia

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I am glad to be a part of this special comprehensive training program called SLMTA 3 e-learning workshop. I recommend this course for all laboratory personnel who are implementing quality management system, laboratory managers and laboratory mentors. The workshop is helpful for any level laboratory and all level expertise because it addresses the 12 QSE incorporated with practical application of ISO 15189 standards which is translating the quality principles into practice.

I appreciate the workshop facilitators who never say “you are wrong”, but they led us on the right tract. OMG you are really perfect trainer. I appreciate the founder of a unique and innovative SLMTA approach. Thank you so much to all SLMTA 3 e-learning workshop team.

Ronald St Jean, Haiti

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I'm privileged to have participated in the SLMTA 3 training, Very informative, encouraging, interactive with very motivated animators, always available.

I will recommend this training to all my colleagues who are potential laboratory managers to better understand the QMS and ISO 15189, to improve their performance in quality management. May this SLMTA e-learning remain and remain for years to come for the well-being of laboratories towards accreditation.

Horace Gumba, Kenya

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

This is one of the best class to have attended to learn QMS implementation. Indeed SLMTA 3 e-learning course is a game changer in QMS field. It has simplified the QMS implementation by using identifying QMS processes and developing their process maps which is the first process for continual improvement. The course illuminates the path to ISO 15189 and a great enhancer to ISO 15189 Accreditation! If you are struggling with ISO 15189 implementation or a starter in QMS, then this is a must-attend course!

I would absolutely recommend this course to any lab professional. Thank you Dr Katy for the opportunity to attend this course! The skills and knowledge have acquired are enormous and will be disseminated to the rest of my colleagues to enhance quality improvement in Kenyan facilities! Asante sana (thank you very much)!

Jacqueline Mukhaye Amira, Kenya

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

With great sincerity and appreciation, were it not for SLMTA E-learning, it would not have been easy for me to travel all the way for this training, I therefore appreciate the organizers the innovative minds that switched SLMTA from physical classroom to virtual class. Kudos to you!!. All the facilitators, thank you so much.

In terms of recommendation, am already on top of things. Already recommended to close to 20 laboratory professionals and out of which I have shared virtual class with them especially the topic "Method verification". I will still recommend to more and more laboratory professionals in my country Kenya and will be very proud to hear of any who succeeds in undergoing the training.

The inventor of the SLMTA E-learning has transformed the QMS in many countries with a turn of the knob at your comfort, for those who could not have managed to travel for the physical training, we have gained and transforming QMS in our various countries. use every opportunity available in acquiring this knowledge and share. Impress virtual learning, SLMTA E-learning is ready to take you through".

Beatrice Miriam Mwinjilo, Malawi

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I would recommend the course to all my colleagues in the lab. The SLMTA e-learning course has helped to bring up a clearer understanding to the standard and QMS as a whole. Apart from filling up the knowledge gap that was there, it has personally helped to better plan things and increased the capacity to handle challenges.

Janett Soledad Portilla Romero, Peru

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

This is my first time that I had the opportunity to take the SLMTA e-learning course. I did not know so much what SLMTA was, but I knew a little bit about the SLIPTA in Spanish. However, when I started to study this course, I understood that SLMTA is more than a tool. It is a very powerful method that support many clinical and public health laboratories around the world to strengthen the laboratory management toward the accreditation with the ISO 15189. This course is divided into 4 QMS sections that are related with the purpose of the standard ISO 15189- 3.20: The term “quality management system” referred to in this definition relates to general management activities, the provision and management of resources, the pre-examination, examination and post-examination processes and evaluation and continual improvement. In this context the course was divided in QMS 1: Requirements related to Management Responsibility, QMS 2: Requirements related to Resources Management, QMS 3: Requirements related to pre analytical, analytical, and post analytical process named Path of workflow and the QMS 4: Requirements related to Evaluation and Continual Improvement. All the QMS sections follows the PDCA model, so it is more practical to understand and implement. The SLMTA method provides me many tools and skills for improving the QMS in my laboratory. Nowadays, I have started to actualize the internal procedures according to process-based approach, objective evidence, critical thinking, and risk-based thinking.

I completely recommend this course for my colleges and laboratory personnel in my country and LATAM to enhance their skills, knowledge and improve the QMS in our laboratories in order to contribute with the patient health care and to provide reliable, timely, accurate and interpretable laboratory results to the patients and add value to the health care systems for making clinical decisions. And remember: The Variability is the enemy of quality because it increases the risk of defects. That is the reason why we need to implement a QMS, standardized the processes and continue improvement.

Jean Marie Vianney Ngandakabaniga, Rwanda

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

It is of a great honor to have been one of SLMTA#3 course participants. It was not easy because someone’s free time was used to do homework and assignments, but any gold achievement requires working hard and sacrifice. Although web-based, the way the course is designed and delivered makes you feel very close to classmates, facilitators and course coordinators. Office hours and ECHO sessions are good opportunities to share knowledge and experience where everyone has a freedom of speech to share what is judged worthy being helpful to others to improve. Assigned hands-on activities help test the implementation of learned knowledge and skills, improving the laboratory as well. Now, being fully equipped with knowledge and skills to unlock the key areas of ISO 15189 to meet the requirements, it becomes a responsibility to shine like a star in the darkness and advocate for a higher standard quality service to be delivered to the clients.

I therefore would recommend this course to all laboratory staff personnel, managers included, especially in these days where medical laboratory has become the right hand and an open eye of evidence-based medicine.
This course pitches you up beyond the stars through illuminating the path to ISO 15189 and without excuse the international laboratory accreditation is at your sight and you really can smell its odor.

Many thanks to Katy, course organizers and coordinators, to our knowledgeable, humble and skilled facilitators of this course; through their encouragement the course went smoothly and sweet.

Celestin Musabyumuremyi, Rwanda

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

Thank you Katy for to provide me the chance to attend this important trainings. I have learnt a lot things not only in the laboratory but also in routine life. This training provided me the high skills on how ISO 15189 can be simplified in simple language of processes approach.

I recommend that every lab manager and quality manager can participate in this training as most as the role they play in laboratory management.

This SLMTA E -learning is good, it is a great opportunities to exchange with worldwide community, the courses content are rich, the homework are flexible. Therefore I recommend everyone who works in the laboratory to take this course.

Maiku Sunday Masson, South Sudan

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I would like to pass my sincere gratitude to the trainers and the organizers for the wonderful carrier development opportunity. I must confess the knowledge gap was wide before, but it has definitely closed, henceforth optimistic that the step-wise improvement in the quality management system towards accreditation is an achievable dream. Thus, strongly recommend the training to all laboratory professionals and managers to improve the just for culture and reduce variation, an enemy to quality.

Remember Learning is just a click of a mouse, embrace the e-learning strategy, you will never regret the time and forever call for more.

Babiker John Mayuol Majok, South Sudan

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

Dear SMLTA Master Trainers ....🙏 Thank You
This had been a great learning opportunity to me as laboratory scientist where many requirements for accreditation are being explain in such standard E-learning , I had understood the ISO 15189 requirements as well many PoW.
I really enjoyed and had alot of fun during the class, EHCO Sessions ,as well the webinar . I would strongly recommend this course to be mandatory for all medical laboratory scientist.
SLMTA E -Learning had simplified the ISO standard for many limited resources countries and it had made a great transformation to QMS. please keep it up 👍️

Elizabeth Nampewo, Uganda

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2


In Uganda, that's how we express gratitude and support for a given motion. Dear Katy, when I remember how I got to know about this course, it was not through someone but I was searching for some SLMTA modules on the internet and then I saw the flyer announcing this course. There was your email and that's where it all started until now that am finishing the course. To change this, I have shared this course to my fellow QMS mentors and they are looking forward to applying for the next cohort.

SLMTA e-learning has truly transformed my operations as a quality manager, I am already reviewing some procedures I had written and most importantly, I have adopted all the process maps into my document control system. I am now following the process-based approach and risk based thinking.

Thanks to all the facilitators, you have done a great job. More effort needs to be put on the course advertising. Probably make brochures calling for applications and we the already trained, can perhaps help you circulate them on our various professional platforms.

Patricia Akello, Uganda

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

Words cannot express how grateful I am for having got an opportunity to attend the SLMTA e-learning course. I am truly indebted to the organizers and facilitators of this wonderful course for actually demystifying the ISO 15189. For sure, I have something to show for this year.

There is no doubt that I would recommend this course to all laboratorians, whether from accredited or labs preparing for accreditation; there is a multitude of knowledge to gather from this carefully designed and well thought-through course. It is a must attend for mentors! The simple yet effective fashion in which knowledge is relayed, always kept me yearning and looking forward to the next session. I appreciate that learning can indeed be fun.

I have not remained the same, the principles of QMS have not only impacted my professional work, in fact, all facets of my life have in a way [have] been touched by these principles and I am happily applying them in my everyday life as well. With the concepts that I have learnt, I am able to do things differently. The course has equipped me with knowledge to look at issues more holistically and above all I am better informed at guiding issues to do with Laboratory QMS.

Thank you; -facilitators for making this training possible and beneficial to me. To fellow participants, I learnt from you that things can be done in a different way, and done very well all the time. I take this opportunity to congratulate you all.

C. Jude Busingye, Uganda

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I recommend SLMTA 3 E-Learning training course to every Medical Laboratorian professional, regardless of whether he or she works in a private sector or Government sector. The in-depth, rich quality management system information delivered by highly skilled and knowledgeable master trainers and mentors, is what every laboratory professional cannot afford to miss, if he or she is to deliver quality, client/customer focused services. Remember, the reason why the laboratory exists is nothing else other than the clients/customers.

We can't afford to claim to be offering quality laboratory services to our esteemed clients/customers, if we are not armed with knowledge and skills to implement quality management system. The solution lies in empowerment through a training program entitled "SLMTA 3 E-LEARNING, ILLUMINATING THE PATH TO ACCREDITATION"


Lydia Tongowona, ZImbabwe

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

I would recommend this course to all laboratory mentors in every country as attendance and frequency of this course is still limited to a few participants. A must attend course!! In getting laboratory mentors trained knowledge gained from this course is quickly shared with many laboratories and QMS implementation strengthened across many laboratories.

SLMTA 3 simplifies ISO15189 interpretation and implementation, it offers practical step by step guidance on how a laboratory can progress towards accreditation taking a process-based approach.

Kudakwashe Chitumbura, Zimbabwe

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #2

The SLMTA course has been exciting, enlightening and emboldening. The assignments were a good first step in the implementation of learnt principles.

I would recommend this course to all laboratorians who are keen to improve their understanding and implementation of quality management systems. The course is not a stroll in the park but it will definitely empower laboratorians to meet their laboratories' QMS goals. For those skeptical about virtual learning, brace yourselves for one of the most interactive and impactful online trainings.

Anna Kadaa Gwanfogbe, Cameroon

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I will recommend this training to all laboratory personnel. It is a must. In fact I have started telling my colleagues who are SLMTA trainers not to miss the next cohort for anything in the world.

ISO 15189 requirements has been demystified, made understandable to the simplest level by experienced and expert facilitators. There is no way you will attend the SLMTA 3 e-learning course and your laboratory will not have accreditation. If your laboratory is already accredited, this course will definitely help you to sustain the accreditation; if not then accreditation is at your doorstep already with the knowledge and skills you will acquire from this course.

The self-study recordings, resources, office hours and interactive sessions, down to earth facilitators ready to answer all questions, encouraging participants, changed my thought from ?difficult to implement QMS? to ?easy to implement QMS.? Interactive. You get to understand better the things you could not during SLMTA 1 and TOT. You learn also from the experience of other colleagues all over the world.

I am so overwhelmed by the knowledge I have learnt, I can continue talking about SLMTA, ISO 15189 non-stop. SLMTA, YES WE CAN.

Alice June, Kenya

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I would definitely recommend this course to any laboratory staff, this is almost a must course!! The information, knowledge and skills from this course is enough to move your laboratory to greater heights- World recognition.

Achieving accreditation is now simplified, simply enroll into this class and the road to accreditation is paved, in Kenya we call it China road (smooth and straight). Any lab that is implementing QMS this is for you

The best part is the self-study- learn at your pace, you can repeat and repeat the recordings, not possible in a classroom set up.

SLMTA 3 e-learning course is the game changer in QMS implementation, demystifying ISO15189, learning at the comfort of your home.

Philemon Pickson Ndhlovu, Malawi

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I am so privileged to have attended this training because it has cemented the wider approach to processes and simplified it that even if you are not in a classroom setting. The virtual environment has been tuned to mimic a classroom and the interaction is never faulting from start to finish.

I will recommend it to all quality managers and laboratory managers because they are the owners of several processes i.e. MR, IA and they are supposed to drive the QMS implementation.

Do not worry about travel restrictions, the SLMTA E-learning is as good as interacting in person. The fun is endless - the games week in week out, the content has been staggered to accommodate any busy schedule, the homeworks are flexible with ample time of 4 days to work on before submission (48hrs before live session).This is the opportunity for you and I highly recommend you take part.

Daniel Dejene, Ethiopia

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

Really I am happy having this SLMTA 3 e-learning course. Even though I have attended most SLMTA trainings, this course helps me to refresh my memory and fill my gaps well. In my opinion all course contents are very important but QMS 4 is vital and needs to detail since occurrence management, internal audit and management review are pillars for continual improvement. I advise my colleague to have this training in order to be competent in QMS implementation. The only thing I troubled in this training was poor connection setting especially when I travel for field work; so arranging work schedule and internet options may be mandatory.

SLMTA 3 e-learning course is the key for path to QMS implementation or accreditation. The training basically addresses the 12 QSE by incorporating ISO 15189 standard designed in such a way that to be hands on practice with building blocks of recorded videos, presentations, home-works and discussions so, every laboratory personnel need to be trained for stepwise approach to accreditation or for direct engagement to accreditation and I recommend accordingly.

Shamim Hoosen, South Africa

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I have found the SLMTA approach unique and innovative in its combination of requirements for good clinical laboratory practice and practical implementation of ISO 15189 standards. The facilitators strive to engage all participants and are knowledgeable with extensive experience in their respective fields. They are readily available to assist participants with individual challenges.

The training in its entirety has improved my understanding of ISO 15189 requirements. The importance for Continual Improvement is highlighted throughout the training program. I found the tools provided by SLMTA to identify, measure, correct and implement change useful and effective. I would recommend SLMTA training to laboratories gearing towards accreditation and mentors working with laboratories to build/improve their Quality Management System.

Thank you for SLMTA for an enriching experience!

Philippe Chebu Raymond, Nigeria

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

It has been an exciting journey and I would like to recommend this course to all my colleagues and health professionals where quality management system is the standard for quality results.

This is a special program designed for health professionals to understand in a few weeks and deeper, the concept of QMS. Assignments and homework are organized in such a way that students will have enough time to work at home and interact with the wonderful and dedicated facilitators whenever necessary before submission. Opportunities are created during live sessions to discuss and answer questions which are extended to the office hours on Tuesdays.

One thing that I have found so amazing is that facilitators are never quick to say you are wrong, but they ALL always put you on the right tract in a way always so appreciative.

Tshenolo NTSIPE, Botswana

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I will recommend this course to all laboratory staff whether in accredited labs or labs starting QMS implementation because it really opens up your mind on how to do things differently. Let?s climb up the stairs through SLMTA 3 e-learning course, for sure we will reach the goal.

Mangena Sipumuziwe Pumu, Zimbabwe

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

This training was extremely informative and exciting. I would like to appreciate the facilitators who were amazing and gave us excellent presentations.

I would recommend this training to anyone , all confusion will be cleared, regarding QMS.

Yang Zheng, China

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

Of course I will recommend this course to my colleagues. I very much hope to hold a special session in China. In fact, with the deepening of the understanding of QMS, many laboratories are eager to obtain relevant knowledge.

Iylin Mugove Makande Makande, Zimbabwe

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

Thank you for awarding me the opportunity to attend the SLMTA 3 online workshop. I would definitely recommend this course to all Quality Managers and all those interested in QMS because the course goes through the 12 quality essentials in a stepwise manner that is easy to follow and understand. The homeworks are relevant to most practical situations that we face daily as laboritarians and this prepares individuals to make informed decisions for the improvement of labs.

I am taking advantage of this training to start implementing QMS in our small lab and will one day be proud to show and share the results.

If only every lab personnel would have the same opportunity, then QMS is made easy and would become a staple food in labs.

Awar Athuai Akok Athuai, South Sudan

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I am glad to be a part of SLAMTA3 eLearning course where I gain knowledge and skills in implementation of QMS. I recommend this course for staffs implementing quality or their work is related to quality Management system.

It is a comprehensive training, opens eyes on various ways of implementing ISO 15189. It has very good tools that can support the labs that are starting QMS or on the way to accreditation.

I like the learning approach (self- study, live sessions, and fun).

I am taking advantage of this training to start implementing QMS in our small lab and will one day be proud to show and share the results.

If only every lab personnel would have the same opportunity, then QMS is made easy and would become a staple food in labs.

Mathabiso Adelina Shabangu, Eswatini

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I really enjoyed this course and I strongly recommend it to my colleagues. It was an eye opener and mostly stressing each and every quality essential in a stepwise manner that is easy to understand and follow. Accreditation is just near the corner. I was audited 2 days ago and great improvement was highly noticed in the era of COVID 19.

Ornuma Sangwichian, Thailand

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

I will recommend SLMTA course to my colleagues and all laboratorians who interested in QMS. The facilitators have extensive knowledge and experience in QMS. SLMTA course provided various tool to help participants understand in QMS and ISO 15189.

Although this course is an online course, but the facilitators try to engage with all the participants as if we were in the classroom. I am glad to be part of the SLMTA 3 e-Learning course where I have gained the knowledge and skills about QMS.

Nyalieba Andrew Thok Gol

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

Am more than happy to be part of this SLMTA 3 e-Learning course, I have learnt a lot which will help me mentor my facilities, I have enjoyed the Live sessions especially interaction with facilitators and the mother of SLMTA herself.

I will strongly recommend this course to all laboratory professionals whether in accredited labs or labs starting QMS implementation because it really opens up your mind on how to do things differently.

Am now a confident and proud SLMTA officer.

Betty Pierre ALEXANDRE

SLMTA 3 e-Learning webinar series - Cohort #1

SLMTA 3 e-learning tell you what to do to improve or implement QMS in the lab and how to do it. All laboratories managers or quality managers should follow this course if the want accredited their lab. This course show you the path to accreditation. They are amazing facilitators who answer all your questions. Thank you to all SLMTA team.

Lydia, Zimbabwe

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

This is a very exciting course where many beliefs and previous knowledge is both challenged and enhanced. Most of the trainings that we did on QC and Method Verification were simply by word of mouth, cascaded down to us by senior members according to their own understanding. Unfortunately, it was not always the case that we would understand everything. Most of the reports we did were based on following SOPs but not necessarily understanding the concepts involved.
With this course, eyes have been opened and knowledge enhanced. Mysteries have been de-mystified and principles unveiled. I would recommend this course to anyone willing to put in the effort and time any day. It has also further taught me to manage time and ensure deadlines are met and meetings attended as required. This has given me a better character than what i had before. I have learnt to plan in advance and be available for class even when I feel overwhelmed. All assignments need proper attention even when i don't quite get the concepts - the effort counts always. As an individual, i don't take this kind of coaching lightly.
I will cascade as much of the knowledge gained, as is possible, to others in my line of work, district, provincial and even national level. I will also make effort to get this knowledge to the private sector too.
I am grateful for this course and would love to participate in more of its kind. Thanks to all our facilitators. You are doing a great job in not only enhancing knowledge but also moulding character.

Christine, Trinidad & Tobago

QCMV eLearning 2024 Cohort

At the laboratory where I worked, it was always assumed that the methods in use were previously verified by the regional lab. It was on the road to accreditation, we discovered that there was no documentation of method verification on record for any of our test methods. The process for verification, validation and method evaluation was always a challenge; the one week training that was available was never effective and left me more confused.
This ten-week training has been an eye opener, the recordings that can be replayed many times until understanding arrives, the way the homework forces you to think and figure out what is required is very effective.
I can finally understand the information in the kit inserts and PT reports; I can make good use of this information now. The knowledge is empowering, to say a method has been verified and the results are accurate is a good thing.