The SLMTA Hero Award

Patrick Mateta, Director of Global Public Health Initiative Program, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, USA

Philip Naluande, Program Manager, Kenya – Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute

Mr. Patrick Mateta has worked tirelessly since 2008 to support laboratory strengthening programs in raising the awareness of the SLMTA program and implementing Quality Management Systems (QMS) in more than 10 countries in Africa and Central Asia. Mr. Mateta’s leadership qualities and experience in laboratory medicine, mentoring, auditing and management are worth recognition. Since 2008, he has trained over 1000 laboratory staff in more than 10 countries in quality improvements, quality management systems and internal auditing aligned to ISO17025, ISO 15190, ISO 22870 and ISO 15189. His leadership and selfless efforts have led 12 laboratories in 3 countries to being accredited to ISO 15189. Currently, he is mentoring 15 additional laboratories in two countries, which are expected to be accredited by the end of 2017.

His work has significantly improved laboratory leadership in countries and allowed them to believe that accreditation is possible even in resource-constrained settings. Laboratories that have been accredited are now able to send accurate, timely and reliable results that clinicians can use to manage patients. Staff are motivated to continue implementing quality management systems that promote lean, efficient and better laboratory operations. Additionally, Mr. Mateta’s initiatives and selflessness continue to inspire laboratory professionals to pursue continuous quality improvement. This has also created an accreditation awareness not only among laboratories but entire hospitals and other health care facilities.