The SLMTA Hero Award

Victor Fondoh, Director, Bamenda Regional Hospital Laboratory (BRHL), Cameroon

Dr. Julie Ndasi, Deputy Executive/Technical Director, Global Health Systems Solutions (GHSS), Cameroon

Mr Fondoh’s dedication and commitment to implementation of SLMTA in his laboratory cannot be over-emphasized. After attending the SLMTA workshops as a Laboratory Director, he developed and implemented a suitable and sustainable Quality Management System (QMS) in the BRHL. He actively motivated and coordinated his laboratory team to develop documents in the laboratory, renovate the laboratory building, and organize SLMTA in-house trainings for staff of the BRHL and three other laboratories within the city of Bamenda, working in close collaboration with Dr. Awasom, the Hospital Director, and GHSS. In addition, he proposed and ensured the change of the hospital’s Laboratory-Clinic-Interface meeting from a bi-annual frequency to a weekly frequency; a change that greatly improved the quality of the service delivery of this laboratory. 

Furthermore, his initiative for introducing point-of-care testing for five tests reduced the turn-around-time for clients in intensive care in the hospital. This was a major improvement for the laboratory since this particularly initiative reduced the death rate of patients in the intensive care unit. 
His strong collaboration with Dr. Awasom improved the laboratory’s audit performance from zero SLIPTA stars at baseline to 3 stars two years after SLMTA implementation and transformed the laboratory service delivery.  This significant quality improvement in the laboratory increased community use and satisfaction with the laboratory services, as reflected by the increase in laboratory revenue by 40% in the years 2012 and 2013. 

His efforts and initiatives have laid a solid foundation for a long lasting culture of quality in the laboratory, which till this date is being commended by a majority of the clients, who are happy with the new quality standards in the laboratory.  Last but not the least, he actually played a fore runner role together with Dr. Awasom to adapt and extend the SLMTA program to other departments of the hospital; an initiative that has transformed the standard of care provided at the Bamenda Regional Hospital. Victor has indeed distinguished himself from others with his strong commitment/advocacy for SLMTA implementation. I therefore proudly and confidently nominate him as SLMTA hero!