Statistical Quality Control and Method Validation/Verification (QCMV2)
This course is undergoing revisions to align to ISO 15189: 2022. The updated course will be available in February, 2024.

Course Description

The Statistical Quality Control and Method Validation/Verification (QCMV2) eLearning course provides participants with the needed knowledge and tools to evaluate and monitor their quantitative tests. Using the didactic lecture recordings and interactive live webinars, they will learn to:

  • Select new methods and instruments with performance specifications that relate to "the intended use" of the procedure (ISO15189:5.5)
  • Introduce new methods and instruments into laboratories by properly evaluating the procedures for “the intended use” (ISO15189: 5.5.2)
  • Design a robust internal QC program for all your tests (ISO15189:
  • Assess on-going laboratory’s accuracy through External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS) (ISO15189: 5.6.3)

Why is this course important?

QC is much more than just plotting the Levy-Jennings charts. The average pre-test score of previous course participants is 12%, indicating a significant knowledge deficiency.  This deficiency results in not only poor QC practices, but also laboratory managers’ inability to justify resources necessary to conduct an effective QC program. The course provides the essential knowledge required for quality laboratory testing as well as laboratory accreditation.

Target Audience

The target audience includes:

  • Lab directors, project officers, and those who make purchase decisions on methods and instruments
  • Auditors and assessors
  • QA officers, lab supervisors and mentors
  • Those in charge of pre-service curriculum for laboratorians

Course Format

This eLearning course uses a “flipped classroom” model (definition). Participants engage in self-study, learning from 100+ online lecture videos and completing weekly assignments, and then attend live Zoom-based sessions for debrief, discussion, and Q&A. This 10-week online learning is followed by a mandatory ECHO series with 4 weekly sessions, where participants are mentored to create an improvement project plan.

Criteria for the Course Certificate

  • 100% submission of weekly homework before deadlines
  • Attendance – no more than 3 missed live sessions (i.e., webinars, office hours, ECHO sessions). If you miss a session, you must view the live session recording and submit evidence of having viewed the recording.
  • Completion of weekly course evaluations
  • A passing grade of 75 points on the post-test

The 10 weekly webinars are accredited by European Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education. Only those who have attended the webinars live and completed the survey can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. Watching recordings will not fulfill the requirements for the CPD.

Launch QCMV Course Content

Congratulations to QCMV eLearning Pilot Winners!

Ismail Kayongo
Noela Elly John
Romeo Asumbasiya Aduko
Yvette Paulette Irving
Sandra Chipuka
Maiku Sunday Masson
South Sudan
Kimsorn Pa

The Virtual Incentive Program is designed to promote timely attendance and submission of assignments, quality coursework, active class participation, and outstanding contribution to shared learning. Participants earn virtual SLMTA dollars based on criteria. The winners (top earners) are awarded real, not virtual, prizes.

Scientific Committee

Below is a list of Scientific Committee members that contributed to the development of the SLMTA 3 e-learning course:

  • Dr. Katy Yao, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA
  • Mr. Ashaba Davis, African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET), Uganda
  • Ms. Anna Murphy, Independent Consultant, USA
  • Mr. Elde Mel Paladar, Adventist Health International and Loma Linda University, Malawi
  • Ms. Janet Scholtz, National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS), South Africa
  • Dr. Luciana Kohatsu, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA
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