4.2.4-2 Desk Review Activity Instructions

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When internal auditors know exactly what records and how many to review as a result of their preparation efforts, the quality of the audit increases.

In this activity, participants learn how to perform desk review (document review) and create an internal audit process model.


  • Preparing for the internal audit is the most critical phase of the audit process.
  • Understanding the inputs and outputs of a process is fundamental to performing a good process-based audit.
  • To prepare for the audit, auditors must perform a careful review of the requirements and the laboratory’s documentation.


Can you:

  • Perform a document review?
  • Create a process model?
  • List the steps to prepare an audit checklist?


Janet Scholtz

Ms. Scholtz helped redesign the classroom-based SLMTA 3 curriculum for on-line delivery and will serve as an instructor and facilitator of the e-learning course. Ms. Scholtz is a Quality Manager, Regional Western and Northern Cape, at National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS), South Africa. She is a certified auditor for The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). Ms. Scholtz has a Medical diploma in Biomedical Technology. She is a SLMTA master trainer and has trained numerous laboratorians in the past decade.

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